Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bak Kut Teh

Klang is a not so small town in Selangor. Not only is it famous for the nation's largest ports, it is also claimed by Klangites to be the real home of one of the world's most delicious and astounding dishes, the Bak Kut Teh! Growing up in Klang makes me one of the BKT addicts like everyone else here. The feeling of eating it so good that, we used to eat it for either breakfasts or dinners or even suppers every few days in a week. 

I crave for BKT most of the time, even while sleeping. After bringing B to the most delicious BKT that I know, he has also became an addict and together we share the extreme crave. The fact that I grew up in Klang, makes me have high standards for BKT. I've also tried some other BKT situated outside Klang. Despite many claims that it is nice, but still none of it can compare to the ones back home. I'm not saying all BKT in Klang taste good, but the best ones are definitely from Klang. The amount of BKT shops you can find in Klang is like the amount of 7-11s in any major cities. If you happen to be here at a sunday morning, just walk around and you will see only BKT shops open and most of them are packed with lots and lots of people.

After half of my family became vegetarians, my mom started to cook vegetarian style BKT. Not to be disrespectful but vegetarian Bak Kut Teh is just "Flour" Kut Teh. It tastes dull and doesn't seem to excite my taste buds at all. Also, there are no garlics in it, which makes Flour Kut Teh a typical B Flat for food.

Since I've move out to work in the city and is only able return to Klang on weekends, I crave for it even more. The amount of this crave for wanting to eat BKT is like Elmer Fudd always trying to catch Bugs Bunny but never succeeds. You want it but can't have it. So, please appreciate Bak Kut Teh and I hope the best ones in town will never die off. Hail Bak Kut Teh!

Food : Bak Kut Teh
Location : Klang
Type : FZCuQian-M17 & DIN


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